The Space Readiness Level (SRL) is a methodology used to evaluate and monitor a company’s progress in the space sector. This classification system is designed to assist companies in navigating effectively and efficiently in the complex and rapidly evolving field of space exploration and industry.

Based on a 7-level scale, the SRL provides a framework for tracking and evaluating the company’s development from the start-up phase to full operational maturity in the space sector. Each readiness level is defined by a set of key criteria that must be met before advancing to the next level.

The Space Readiness Levels (SRLs) wants to be a support tool to help to make “the giant leap” into the Space Economy. The program starts with assessing a company’s potential for opportunities in the space sector. It ends with structuring a clear and detailed action plan, including strategy, budgets, and timings, which defines the steps necessary to take action in the market, providing its projects, products, or services.
The Space Readiness Levels is business-oriented and goes through 3+1 phases, each of which is defined on parameters, standards, and interpretative models applied to the specific characteristics of the company:


Here's an overview of the 7 SRL levels:

SRL 1-3

These levels focus on the ideation and conception of the company, with particular attention to the development of a solid business plan, the formation of a leadership team, the definition of a clear strategic vision, a first validation in relevant environment.

SRL 4-5

At this stage, the focus shifts towards the development and realization of specific products or services. This includes prototyping, testing, product improvement, and demonstration in a space environment.

SRL 6-7

 These final levels are dedicated to full operational maturity. The company must demonstrate the ability to operate efficiently in the space sector, maintain production, and consistently provide high-quality products and services.

The SRL is a powerful tool that provides a clear and structured path for companies aspiring to thrive in the space sector. This methodology ensures that companies are adequately prepared and equipped to face the unique challenges and opportunities offered by the space sector.