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Looking for a work environment that values agility, innovation, and a flat hierarchy? You’ve come to the right place. At S.P.A.C.E, we offer goal-oriented contracts and flexible roles, all within a dynamic setting free from bureaucratic constraints. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a motivated newcomer, explore our open positions and submit your resume. Your next big adventure could be just a click away.

At the heart of the S.P.A.C.E universe, we believe in agility, fluidity, and the ability to constantly evolve. Our structure is lean and flexible, always ready to change shape and adapt in response to what is happening both inside and outside the organization. We have built an internal structure with an almost horizontal hierarchy and have developed a functional organizational model, free from the chains of bureaucracy. This, for us, is an essential strength that we are committed to maintaining.

In terms of recruitment, we favor goal-oriented contracts, an approach that has proven to be mutually beneficial. We are not opposed to offering internship opportunities or professional retraining, provided that the people involved demonstrate a high level of motivation and a pragmatic mindset.

Below you will find the positions currently open.

If you wish, submit your resume to us. In case of new opportunities that match your skills, we will contact you.

Role Segment Description
VR Developer
Space Exploration Simulations
We are seeking a talented and creative VR Developer to join our team. As a VR Developer, you will be responsible for designing and developing immersive virtual reality applications that simulate the human exploration of space. Your role will involve creating realistic environments, interactions, and experiences to enhance the user's understanding of space missions and activities. Proficiency in VR development tools, programming languages, and 3D modeling software is required. A strong passion for space exploration and a desire to push the boundaries of VR technology are essential.
Space Architecture Specialist
Station Modeling
We are looking for a skilled Space Architecture Specialist to contribute to our team. In this role, you will be responsible for conceptualizing and modeling space station designs and layouts. Your expertise in space architecture, including knowledge of structural engineering, interior design, and ergonomics, will be crucial in creating efficient and functional space habitats. Proficiency in CAD software and a strong understanding of space station requirements, such as life support systems and crew accommodations, are essential. Join us in shaping the future of human habitation in space!
Space Food Production Expert
Agricultural System Design
We are seeking a knowledgeable and innovative expert in space food production to join our team. As an expert in space agriculture, you will be responsible for designing and developing sustainable systems for growing food in space. Your role will involve understanding the challenges of limited resources, microgravity, and extreme environments to create efficient and reliable agricultural solutions. Experience in hydroponics, aeroponics, or other advanced cultivation techniques is desired. Join us in advancing the field of space farming and ensuring the long-term sustainability of space missions.